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Gear Cutting Machines
Gear Hobbing Machines and Gear Shapers of different makes with maximum capacity of 16 modules and 2000 mm dia. of job.

Gear Grinding Machines
Stankoimport (Russian make) profile grinding Machines with maximum capacity of 12 module and 900 mm dia. of job and equipped with Hoffler make Gear tester to ensure the accuracy of the gears for profile and helix angle.

Horizontal Boring Machines
All equipped with DROs" with maximum capacity of spindle 110 mm dia and table size 1100 mm x 1300 mm.



Conventional machines like Milling, Drilling, Slotting, Welding etc. which provide complete in-house facilities to manufacture gear units. These are also accompanied by checking instruments which confirm the top quality maintained in all manufacturing processes.


Crane Duty Gear Boxes || Hardened & Ground Gear Boxes || Aerator Gear Boxes || Twin Screw Extruder Gear Boxes
Turbine Gear Boxes

Crane Gear Boxes || Extruders Gear Boxes || Turbines Gear Boxes || Agitators & Aerators Gear Boxes
Conveyors Gear Boxes Wind Mills Gear Boxes || Excavators & Stackers Gear Boxes || Rolling Mills Gear Boxes
Rubber and Plastic Machinery Gear Boxes
|| Chemical Industry Gear Boxes || Food Industry Gear Boxes
Mining Industry Gear Boxes
|| Oil Industry Gear Boxes || Steel Industry Gear Boxes

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